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holy omg guys :O
this is bringing back some emotional memories gosh :’)


Hey guys 🙂
It’s me Amberliya!
Well I guess so, okay, anyways..
Sorry for not being active!

Italy Blues Announcement

Okay guys… sometimes I have a thing called a “air pause.”
It’s basically posting the episode sooner due of difficulty reasons.
I hope this never happens again! Sorry for the delay!
I will always announce when I will have an air pause, like today.

It will be posted sooner or later but I will not skip  an episode.
Thanks for understanding!

P.S. How do you like the show until now? Is it shocking at the end of episode 2?
Hope you guys enjoy the show! And here’s a little hint… this episode is going to be AWESOME!


Quick exciting post!

Hi guys :)!
So I just wanted to clear stuff some out :


It’s on the left of : Fun Stuff to do when you’re bored on Fantage!

Hope you guys enjoy the Fantage Series!

Click here to watch Italy Blues preview on Youtube.
Click here to watch me telling you guys that Italy Blues is out on Youtube.

Make sure to subscribe on my Youtube channel for future videos!

*There will be a new episode every Wednesday. Don’t worry, you can watch it after Wednesday, too.* 

See you soon!
Amberliya c:

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Hey guys :)! It’s moi, Amberliya.
And today, July 16th, is an important day of the year.
No it is not my birthday, I wish… and no it is not Christmas, I wish….

It’s Fantage Plushies 1 year anniversary! 



Heh heh..


OKAY… Anyways…

This one whole year has been of the best year’s of my life 🙂
I’m trying to not act all cheesy and sad but I just wanted to point that out.

Having the capability to edit pictures, make videos, make you guys like my posts and pages and make you guys laugh
is one of the best thing’s I could ever have. If I never started blogging, I wouldn’t be so capable to do those things. Well maybe I could make
my friends or family like my talents and make them laugh, but it wouldn’t be the same.

I’ve found a lot of super cool friends on my blog and I’m so proud of that.

But before we get into more talking, I just maybe thought you guys wanted to see my very first post.
That post was posted on July 16th 2013. : 


Lol.. dont judge 🙂 this was in march 2013! :D!
This is me and my bestie Bella! We wanted
subscribers TuT Maybe subscribe to our channel?


I was a little over the top and posted 19 posts in one day.
But they mostly weren’t about me, they were about my friends and their blogs and youtube channels.
See? I’m nice. 


Wow Amber.. 😛

But thank you all once again and I’m very happy to say that I’m almost to 5,000 hits!
And you know who made it come true? YOU. YES YOU, RIGHT THERE, FROWNING AND SMILING. 


Okay now I sounded a bit like a personal trainer at the gym, but you get my point.
So thank you sooo much for making my dream come true and I hope this year is
even better than last years!


 I’m making a Fantage series on this blog! 

Fantage series? On a blog? Okay?
Before you put some hateful comments saying it’s weird to put a Fantage series on a blog..
let me explain why. As you guys know… I do have a YouTube channel that I will be posting
another video today, but YouTube, in my opinion, is harder than blogging. 

Because I have done blogging for a year, it’s easy as cake to make a series on here.
And wouldn’t it be cool!? I don’t know anyone else who has done such a thing on their blog!
It will be a page with different season and episode options. I will be doing an episode every week.

I’m already working on my very first episode that will “air” in a few days.
So that day I post my very first episode, it will be that day for each week that an episode will be aired.

It’s something about a girl with a cool name who has to deal with school and her super weird family and friends.
When the episode airs, I will indicate on the top of this post that it has been aired, to not promote any confusion.

Thank you so much for reading this post and if ANYONE asks you what day it is..
say that it is Fantage Plushies Day! 

Bye guys!
See you soon!
Amberliya c:

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Fantage Blackout 2014!

Hey guys!
So I remember this event from last year.
I actually have some pictures of the Fantage Blackout 2013. It’s from How to lock someone in your barn.
It was still dark. If you want to know how to lock someone in your barn, click here.

But this event is the exact same from the Fantage Blackout 2012!

Anyways, so this event decided to come back. So sit back, relax and eat a bag of Doritos.
Let’s get started 🙂 !

fantage blackout

So the Fantage Blackout is basically everywhere is dark and you’re trying to make it all light up again.
Now there is a game called “Light it up.” 

light it up

This is how the information page looks like.

how to play

The most horrible part of all of this event are these 2 reasons…

1. One star for each candle? Crazy!
I don’t remember how many stars we got last year. If you do know, comment down below!

2. The costumes are the exact same.
I’m going to go to the costume stand and show proof.

But the cool part is that if you light up all 10 of each colour, you receive a prize!
And if you light up 50 of one colour, you get a medal! I’m trying to get the medal currently!

buy here!

There is a yellow,red,blue,green and purple costume.

But hey… I don’t need to buy a costume! Probably half of Fantage already do have a costume!

See :


And another horrible thing they did weirdly is that in the information
page… they didn’t say you could click on the candle. Are you okay Fantage?
Is something going wrong? Because it looks like it.

Check it out :

Information page :

close up

Costume page :

close in

Or maybe they did that on purpose. But would they?

Now.. let’s go play and see what prizes I could get! 




1. Uptown beside Vintage Gold and iDFone Shop

2. Downtown in front of Stellar Salon and the “Use Game Cards”

3. Carnival beside Card quest

4. Carnival in front of the Arcade

5. Mt. Fantage , on the right side. 

6. Inside the Star Cafe on the right 

7. Downtown, Super Power Shop beside Gizmo

8. Uptown, Vintage Gold beside Victoria

9. Uptown, Ottomans Furniture on the orange pillow couch

10. Uptown, outside of Hall of Fame (on the right of Level Locked Items)


1. Castle Bridge at the left

2. Castle realtor at the left

3. Uptown right on the left of Jester’s

4. Loco Boardz on the left of the doors

5. The beach right beside the “Carnival bridge”

6. Lighthouse on the right of the seagull 

7. Pet Town on the very left

8. Le Shop on the green shelf

9. Downtown right on the right of the Star Cafe

10. Uptown, inside Jester’s, on the foot of the Astronaut Costume


1. Downtown on the right of Top Models (Very right of Downtown)

2. The beach in front of The Palm and on the right of the soccer ball

3. The beach at the very left (Close to the shark in the water) 

4. Pet Town right beside the Golden Pet statue and in front of the Pet Academy 

5. Mt. Fantage across from the Become an Expert sign 

6. On the very very very right of Mt. Fantage

7. The Forest , the left, on the right beside of the Gem Machine

8. The Forest,  the left, on the left of the Gem Machine

9. Uptown, right in front of the iDFone shop, on the right of the My Mall info 

10. Carnival, on the left of the Arcade


1. The Forest, on the right of the Castle and School sign

2. The Star Cafe, on the left side

3. Stellar Salon, right in front of the Hair Dye sign

4. The Beach, on the right side of the Double Weekend sign

5. The Beach, vertically across the cruise in the water

6. Fantage School, on the left of Zack’s Acting Academy

7. Castle realtor, on the very left

8. Castle bridge, appears to be right in front of the castle

9. Downtown, on the left of the Super Power shop

10. Uptown, on the right of My Mall


1. Carnival, right in front of the Arcade

2. Carnival, beside the Card Quest game

3. Lighthouse, beside the striped umbrella

4. Mt. Fantage, in front of the helicopter

5. Mt. Fantage, on the right of Become an expert sign

6. Mt. Fantage, on the very left

7. Mt. Fantage, diagonally on the right of the fire in front of the cave

8. Downtown, left of Super Power shop, on the left of the Pet Treats sign

9. Pet Town, on the grass in front of you when you go to Pet Town, on the left of the Little Codies (NEW PETS)

10. Forest, on the left of the Grotto 


Now for the prizes !

Yellow Prize


Red Prize 

(Yes I snapshot the information page for the prizes in the other colours, because I do not own them)


Blue prize 


Green prize


Purple prize



There is also a limited cart with clothes that seem to me, very same from the 2012 event.
Fantage never has time to make new clothes!

limited items


And maybe you guys knew this already, but there is a Light UP button on the left
where you can click on view the prizes and how many candles you have collected.



There is also, a RESET button where you can re-do the whole candle scavenger hunt.
And of course there is a big picture of how the medal looks like. Probably, when you get the medal… it changes from black and white to colour!
Just like the prizes!

Well I guess that’s it for this event!
If I ever do get a medal, I will surely update this post.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day (or night.) Or unicorn land. Amber quit it.
*None of this can be copied because this took me partially 2 days to make, so if you do copy, you can
be suspended and if you do see anyone copying my post, please tell me A.S.A.P ! 

See you soon!
Amberliya c:

Contact me at : thisisamberliya@hotmail.com